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From F*ck Me to F*ck Yeah

Kristen King

You LOVE your business. But entrepreneurship’s a lot harder than you expected. Like, WAY harder. In other words, “Fuck me.”

Listen. It's not hard because you didn’t get the entrepreneurship gene. It’s not because nobody wants what you have. It’s not even because your mom was right that this was a terrible idea.

It’s because you've been following someone ELSE'S business blueprint instead of creating your own, and that shit is EXHAUSTING.

Every Thursday, From F*ck Me to F*ck Yeah teaches you how to clear out anything that’s not totally YOU in your business and replace it with something that IS.

Because the truth is, there are as many right ways to run a business as there are humans running them — and when you do your business YOUR way, entrepreneurship gets about eleventy billion times easier.

I’m Kristen King, and I’ve been a business coach since before business coaching was cool — since the early 2000s after my first solo business hit six figures less than 2 years out of college. Now, I teach coaches, therapists, healers, and other brilliant service-based entrepreneurs like you how to build their own unique fuck-yeah business.

You don’t need to do MORE and HARDER to make your business successful.

And you sure as hell don't need to invest tens of thousands of dollars on magic bullets and done-for-you biz-in-a-box programs — not even if you’re neurodivergent, dealing with chronic health conditions, trying to balance parenting and business, navigating the world with anxiety or depression, or any of the other stuff you thought you needed to make up for.

You get to have an awesome business right now, exactly as you are. And I’m here to show you how.

Let’s take your business from "fuck me" to "fuck yeah" together. 

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